Will Clyburn Highlights 33 Pts vs Zenit

Will Clyburn drops a season-high against Zenit Basket.

CSKA Moscow had a road win 111-110 over the BC Zenit in the 2d overtime of the VTB League Finals. Will Clyburn scored 33 points and 6 rebounds.

Billy Baron Highlights 28 Pts vs CSKA

Billy Baron posted a career-high against CSKA Moscow.

Zenit St Petersburg was defeated at home 110 - 111 by the CSKA Moscow in the VTB League Finals. Billy Baron scored 28 points, 3 assists & 2 rebounds.

Johnathan Motley BEST Highlights 2021-22

Johnathan Motley Highlights from 2021-2022 Season - Domination!

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Will Clyburn BEST Highlights 2021-22 CSKA

Will Clyburn 2021-2022 Season Highlights - Scoring Machine! 

Watch the best plays from Will Clyburn with the CSKA Moscow Basketball from the 2021-2022 regular season.

Jordan Mickey Highlights 2021-22 ZENIT

Jordan Mickey Zenit 2021-2022 Season Performance - Welcome to Virtus Bologna.

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Nikola Milutinov Highlights 2021-22 CSKA

Nikola Milutinov CSKA 2021-2022 Season Highlights. 

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